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The ecological company organized a special audit meeting

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2023-09-12 16:14 Number of readings:


      For practicalGood rectification of problems in the audit report of the provincial Audit Office to ensure smooth passage of the on-site inspection and acceptance of the provincial Audit Office, according to the groupPreliminary audit rectification work notice requirements,98On the same day, Ecological Company organized a special meeting on company audit。

      At the meeting, the Finance Department conveyed the Group company's "Notice on the rectification and sale of the Audit report problem of the Provincial Audit Office" and the Group company's "Notice".2023Work Plan on Investment Accountability for illegal Operations。The participants made an item-by-item review on the special audit and annual audit of the ecological company over the years。

      As requested by the meeting,一是The problem of audit rectification needs continuous attention, strictly implemented to the responsible person, timely updated according to the actual situation of rectification, and compacted the problem;二是Focus on strengthening the details of daily hospitality, reimbursement and other links,Continue to be problem-oriented,Develop corrective action plan against problem list,Take active and effective measures to promote the rectification of unfinished rectification items in place,Efforts were made to improve the efficiency of audit rectification,Promote the transformation of audit rectification results into governance effectiveness,Promote the orderly work of ecological company开展。(Ma Chaoqiao)

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